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New for 2024!
Journey to Wellness Workshops & Retreats

Embody awareness and transformation through a profound relationship and adventures with NW Hearts United’s horses and wellness professionals.  Immersive experiences for profound self-discovery and growth.

Courage & Connection Heal ...
When words escape us,
     horses still speak to our hearts.

Licensed, certified mental health and equine facilitated professionals working collaboratively to heal individuals and families,
    and connect community one heart at a time. 

Does life feel like you're stuck in the muck?   

Is someone you love acting angry, sad, overwhelmed,

or anxious? 

Sometimes the solution needs more than needs to get to the heart of the matter.  Equine facilitated methods are restorative, trauma-informed solutions that bring the heart and the head into balance for life-changing permanent shifts.


NW Hearts United provides ongoing professionals services in Whatcom, Skagit, King and Snohomish Counties and special projects elsewhere.  We offer ongoing individual and group services for youth, adults, families, veterans, service providers and much more!


We collaborate with a network of approved off-site locations/herds and mental health professionals in the Upper Puget Sound region to offer places where the horse-human connection is allowed to expand and grow. 


NW Hearts United's unique EFMHL Programs helps create healing, inner strength, peace and focus. 

  • People struggling to cope and thrive are often carrying deep pain, anxiety or anger they don’t understand and can’t explain.

  • Difficult memories can be frightening to deal with. 

  • For traumatized kids and adults trusting other people is a huge risk. They’ve learned to protect themselves by shutting out people who try to reach them.


That’s where horses come in. The experience of interacting with a horse—a sympathetic, gentle giant who doesn’t lie, doesn’t judge, sees through pretense, and communicates without words can be powerfully transformative for helping people get “unstuck.”

It is in the name... uniting hearts.  What does this mean to us? 

Every day more is learned about how we show up in the world, process information and about somatic connections.   The heart is proving to be the key.   Find out more about heart-centered healing...

Ask us how to eliminate financial barriers to treatment.  We offer scholarships and a sliding scale for those in need of financial assistance.  

“EFMHL is amazing - working with the horses seems so simple from the outside yet the healing and growth of spirit that happens inside is profound!  Working with horses allows clients to address important clinical issues in an experiential way.  For some clients the equine work helps them work through issues that they are unable to face or even identify in a traditional office setting.   For others it is can be great way to enhance insight and achieve results when done in conjunction with traditional therapy.  As a therapist I believe 100% in equine work and feel fortunate to have it as part of my clinical toolbox.”    -Lori Hartelius, MS, LMHC, CMHS, MHP 30 years in private practice, Mental Health/Wellness Therapist, Tulalip Behavioral Health & Recovery, MSPI Project Coordinator;  Snohomish Children’s Wellness Coalition.  

Our Services are Unique ... Why?  

  • Equine facilitated interventions are rapid transformation solutions and therefore, extremely cost effective, impactful and joyful for clients of all ages and backgrounds.  

  • Our methods utilize a sophisticated combination of approaches specifically structured to get directly to heart of the matter.

  • As a result, immediate shifts in awareness, perspective and behavior are created. 

  • Our services always include a trained mental health professional to help recognize, address and immediately integrate the growth and learning experience. 

Our Services Support:

Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy
Family Counseling
Trauma & PTS/D Therapy
Veteran Services
Professional Development
Grief Support
Parenting Trainings
Youth Support Groups, Camps & Workshops​
Group Workshops & Trainings


Social Anxiety/Depression,

Self Awareness,

Self Regulation,

Marginalized Youth & Families, 

Anxiety & Stress Management,

Improving Social/Emotional Skills,

Increasing Emotional Regulation and Resilience,

and more…

Our Facilitation Team are highly experienced, certified and licensed mental health and equine professionals .

Meet our Team...

Our Locations are conveniently located in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and King Counties.  Services are arranged through our office and locations assigned based on the convenience and goals of the clients.

Our Whole Heart Locations...

Accepting Referrals From:

  • Health Care Professionals

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • School Counselors & School Principals

  • Human & Social Services & Self Referrals

  • Educators & Parents

  • Self


Making an Appointment

There are multiple ways that clients and groups can get scheduled for an equine experiential session.

  1. Referral from mental health professionals, health care professionals, school principals, school counselors.

  2. Referral from a social or mental health agency.

  3. Self referral.

  4. As part of an organized group workshop or training.


Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment:  •  425-610-7432


Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice is at the heart of it all...

Our vision is that all people experience their full potential for health, safety and well-being.  

People are often excluded from services based on race, ethnicity, gender, place of residence (geography), socio-economic background or if they are living with a disability. Social justice is about addressing this inequity and discrimination and it is the lens through which we view everything we do.  

Most of our clients come from low-income families, with 85% of them qualifying for full or partial scholarships to be able to afford our services.  We are dedicated to continuing to expand the number of services we provide to youth and families who have been adversely affected by life's consequences and who are unable to meet the consequences without assistance.


Approximately 29% of our clients are BIPOC, about 48% identify as LGBTQ+, 30% show suicidal ideation, 60% are diagnosed with spectrum disorders, 85% with anxiety, and 54% with depression in 2022. 


Donor and Grant funding makes it possible for us to provide our services to all who need them, regardless of income one heart at a time.  Join us and Open your hearts today!

Community Sponsors allow us to say "yes" to those in need,  ensuring life-changing experiences for youth, families or veterans.  Join the movement!  Find out how you can support heart-centered experiences today. Visit our Sponsorship page.

We are proud to be certified Trauma informed

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Our Mission is to inspire relationships with horses and humans that heal, connect and empower.  

NW Hearts United offers mindfulness based programs that make a difference for the humans and horses involved.  Join us today!

We would love to hear from you anytime!  

email us:  or call (425) 610-7432     Main Office:  PO Box 56   Deming, WA 98244

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