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You can help us get to the Heart of the Matter by directly sponsoring NW Hearts United’s Programs.

Our Mission is to inspire relationships with horses and humans that heal, connect and empower. We do this by:

  • Providing Equine Facilitation Services throughout the Upper Puget Sound Region  

  • Bringing together like-minded people through our From the Heart Membership Network  

  • Providing funding for Heart-centric efforts through the NW Hearts United Foundation


Sponsorship of NW Hearts United highlights your interest in empowering positive change in our communities, engagement in community health initiatives and a commitment to connecting with others from the heart.  Your message will reach the 5 Upper Sound Counties.  NW Hearts United EFS collaborates with a network of approved locations/herds in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and King Counties serving the 5 county area.   Your information will reach a vast majority of this area’s social service, medical, mental health, education, chemical dependency, law enforcement professionals, school districts staff, university mental health & education departments, community centers, hospitals, Vet Centers, local businesses, horse professionals and enthusiasts… and more!

Why Horses?   The benefits of interacting with horses are becoming widely recognized for many reasons.  Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning (EFMHL) is a trauma-informed, social- emotional learning method being proven to create permanent limbic change.  Heart-centric Horsemanship methods are changing the way humans approach their equine partners.  And there is a more general understanding of horse’s ability to reconnect humans to the natural rhythms of the world around us.


Join the Movement!  Sponsor NW Hearts United’s efforts today…

Each sponsorship level ensures life changing experiences for a youth, family or veteran in need of support, empowerment and transformation in their lives.  Financial support allows us to say “yes” to those that need our help most.  For example:


Youth & Veteran Programs

Equine facilitated methods are one of the most rapidly transformative methods available for helping and healing an individual youth or veteran dealing with PTSD, anxiety, substance abuse and isolation.


Within just 4-12 weeks’ worth of sessions, people are empowered to shift from hopelessness and desperation to confidence and self-reliance. Here are some examples of what your sponsorship level allows for our communities’ youth & veterans:


  • Platinum Level, you create approximately 65 empowering opportunities for our communities’ youth and veterans! 

  • Gold Level provides 3-6 veterans with an entire 8-12 weeks series!

  • Silver Level ensures a group of 6 youth struggling with substance abuse receive 10 weeks of sessions that empower them to turn their lives around.

  • Bronze Level guarantees one at-risk youth gets 6 weeks of healing, learning and the courage to change their stars! 


Some other examples of direct program support are:


Anxiety Management Programs for teens & adults

These are an annual series of workshops for area youth or adults struggling to find ways of coping and healing from debilitating anxiety.  Annually each series costs $5400


Monthly LGBTQ+ Programs

LGBTQ+ youth are one of the most at-risk populations in our communities.  They account for a large percentage of our youth struggling with homelessness and substance abuse.  NW Hearts United’s unique program helps empower them to cope and thrive. Annually these cost $2400 for each county.


Mindfulness, Substance Abuse, Parenting and more…


Sponsor a Healing Herd! 

The herds we partner with provide hundreds of hours of healing, support and joy each month.  We compensate the facilities for the time we spend with their herds so they can continue to provide high quality care and wellness for each member of the team.  We truly could not serve the communities we do without these amazing animals.  Support a herd for a year!  $4800

Contact: Amy Schilder,  Director / 713-444-1829 /


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