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$150  Provides a youth or veteran with services!


$250  Sends a youth to Summer Camp!


$300  Sponsors a Peer-to-Peer Support Group!

We offer monthly Teen Anxiety Management,

LGBTQ workshops and more!


$500-$2500  Provides a youth or veteran a full series of 4-16 sessions!


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NW Hearts United

PO Box 56

Deming, WA 98244

Join Us...Open Your Heart!  

NW Hearts United has been changing the game for trauma recovery and mental wellness since 2015.

We are especially successful with clients such as at-risk youth where conventional therapy feels too intimidating, unapproachable, or overwhelming. Most of our clients come from low-income families, with 85% of them qualifying for full or partial scholarships to be able to afford our services.


In 2022 for our youth clients...

  • approximately 30% showed suicidal ideation,

  • 60% were diagnosed with spectrum disorders,

  • 85% with anxiety,

  • 54% with depression,

  • 25% struggling with substance use,

  • 29% of our clients were BIPOC,

  • about 48% identified as LGBTQ+,

with these numbers only increasing in 2023 so far. 


When words fail, horses can still speak to our hearts. For 2023, as we FEEL the profound lasting impact of the pandemic, we are dedicated to continuing to EXPAND the number of services we provide to youth and families who have been adversely affected by life's consequences and who are unable to meet those consequences without assistance… one heart at a time. 


Thanks to donors like you, we FEEL the power that a supportive community can provide. Thank you for your continued support and for opening your hearts to us all year-round.


Charitable support makes it possible for us to say “yes, we can help” time and time again.  Help us expand our reach in 2023.


Thanks to our unique structure, EVERY dollar raised directly supports a heart in need of love, understanding, and healing,…a heart that deserves to FEEL safe, connected, and healthy.  


Open your hearts... Donate Today!

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