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The culture of NW Hearts United is grounded in the idea of deep mutual connection- our need for one another and paying that forward. The NW Hearts United programs use the bond between horse and human as a catalyst for positive growth in the lives of our participants. We help individuals be their best through the most innovative and integrative approaches.


From our STRONG community partnerships to our network of herds and facilities, our unique structure ensures that 100% of donations goes directly to support programming for youth, adults, and families in our communities struggling to cope and thrive. It takes a village- Be a part of the NW Hearts United community. Donate, be a business sponsor, and spread the word.


It would mean a great deal to us and to our regions’ vulnerable, at risk youth, families, and veterans to know that we can count on your support.   Every dollar matters. A gift from you would be vital for us to keep our life-saving programs going.

How does equine facilitation help?  The difference between a life filled with “courage” and one filled with “despair” is the quality of the mind and spirit. 


Young people in our community spend their lives feeling scared, angry, worried and hopeless. To get a chance to feel joyful, courageous and supported, even once, can change all that.



It is a crisp October day. Caleb, a 14 year old boy, rolls out of bed at his grandmother's house. As he gets ready for school, he wonders if his dad stayed out of jail last night, he shakes his head and heads to the bus stop. As he puts his backpack away, he wonders where his mom is today realizing he hasn’t heard from her in a while. Shrugging off that thought, he reluctantly heads to his first class. He tries to concentrate on what his math teacher is teaching but finds his thoughts drift to thoughts of his parents, leading to feelings of sadness, loneliness and despair. 


As the day goes on, Caleb starts to think about the afternoon and evening to come when he all of a sudden realizes today is the day they get to go to the horses! He flashes to the last time they were at the farm and wonders... What will happen this time? Will he get to be with Lucky, the scared mare he met the first time? Will she come to him and trust him? Will he get her to go through all the “obstacles” that represent the obstacles in his life this time? Remembering how he did that, his shoulders straighten; he holds his head high and his body softens. He pictures her finally following him peacefully out into that beautiful meadow. Immediately he smiles, feels hopeful and excited.  


Childhood should be filled with carefree days, with time experiencing and learning new things, family time, feeling safe, supported and relaxed. For a large portion of this area’s youth, that is something they only dream about or cannot even imagine and that number is growing. Now is the time to explore new perspectives and innovative services that make a difference to them in lasting, transformative ways. 


NW Hearts United’s Equine Facilitated Mental Health & Learning Programs

empower the mind and inspire the spirit.

Now you can help. We accept tax-deductible donations


NW Heart United’s EFMHL Programs are specifically designed so the structure of its sessions, intensives, workshops and retreats directly compliment the needs, timelines and travel restrictions of its clients and partner organizations. 


There are numerous ways this may be accomplished. For example...

  • Individual clients dealing with trauma-induced issues may need more individualized weekly sessions focused on emotional regulation and healthy relationships.

  • A group of high school students dealing with anxiety issues may be most effectively served through a day long intensive workshop exploring these issues through peer-to-peer support to better ensure dropout prevention.

  • Or a group of young women recovering from domestic violence and/or in chemical dependency recovery may need to meet weekly for a 3 hour session.  


Your support helps us meet each client right where they are...Priceless!


Make a Donation Today!


$150  Provides a youth or veteran with services!


$250  Sends a youth to Summer Camp!


$300  Sponsors a Peer-to-Peer Support Group!

We offer monthly Teen Anxiety Management,

LGBTQ workshops and more!


$500-$2500  Provides a youth or veteran a full series of 4-16 sessions!

Donate Today! Here's How...


Or Mail in a donation TODAY!

NW Hearts United

983 Kelly Rd.

Bellingham, WA 98226

Interested in more ways to join our efforts, become a member today!

Join the movement!  Getting to the heart of it...


A movement has developed in the equine community to partner with horses as sentient, social- emotional beings.  NW Hearts United is focused on furthering these movements in unique, creative ways.  Heart-centric equine facilitated methods for healing, connection and empowerment are being proven to be highly effective but funding is slow to catch up.  

NW Hearts United Foundation is a supported organization of Empowerment through Connection;a region-wide 501(c)3 charitable organization furthering regional equine assisted efforts for healing and connections.  


  • Distributes funds to programs that exist for charitable purposes and provides funding for community projects. 

  • Grants funds to regional groups that offer EFMHL and that furthers the movement for compassionate horse interactions and wellbeing.

  • Supports educational opportunities and projects that improve understanding of horses ability to heal, connect and empower.

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