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that get to the heart of it...

Currently all of our group events, workshops, and programs are on

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NW Hearts United offers equine facilitated experiences in the

form of professional development trainings, personal  development

specialized trauma recovery, enrichment workshops, and more...


Equine facilitated mental  health and learning gets beyond simply talking about

challenges. Instead people learn by doing and grow productive life skills without even realizing it. Positive change is reached quickly and joyfully, creating lasting change and mind and body integration.  

NW Hearts United Programs are informed by the latest, most sophisticated information about brain science, trauma recovery, & therapeutic approaches. 

Stay tuned for post pandemic Events...
Re-UNITED Retreats
Whatcom, Skagit, & Snohomish County
Re-UNITED One Day Workshops
Whatcom, Skagit, & Snohomish County
Professional Development Trainings
Whatcom, Skagit & Snohomish County
Fall-In Fridays- Breakfast at the Barn
Located in Whatcom, Skagit & Snohomish
Hearts Connect Summer Camps
Whatcom, Skagit & Snohomish County

* NW Hearts United develops programs based on demand. Dates and times are subject to change to accommodate client demand.

What participants are saying...

The workshop really got me to look at mediation from another angle - one that utilizes nature, and resources (ie. resources for "grounding", "coming back to center/calming", "shifting energy") other than a mediation app and sitting on a cushion.  I absolutely believe that this kind of workshop (animal/heart centered) is the future terms of learning how to incorporate holistic well-being and compassionate living into daily life."  

                                                                              -A Fall Mindfulness Workshop Series participant.


"Having horse interaction and explanation of how they exhibit subtle movement that very clearly indicates distress and how you work with that by being mindful and present was exceptional. Being present with our clients and not feeding into their distress is so important to their ability to trust a provider of service. Using horse as prey animal and the symptoms that they exhibit is something I use regularly now with clients and staff."

                       -A Trauma Informed Care Training Participant, Kathy Aguilar- Seamar Everett Behavioral Health

"Trauma informed care is a concept I’ve been learning about, and able to apply in many contexts. But exploring the topic via this completely different lens really helped me to understand trauma informed care in a whole new light, and really helped me to practice the skills. I think it’s one thing to talk about what trauma informed care looks like with horses, and a huge, huge plus to actually get to live it. I also liked to pace of the program – not too fast, and not too slow."

                       -A Trauma Informed Care Training Participant, student intern with Skagit Public Health 

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