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Adult Wellness
Parent & Caregiver Support

We believe Re-Uniting a family's ability to support each other, is one of the most powerful ways to prevent issues from arising and for healing hearts.


NW Hearts United's Re-UNITED Programs 

  • Reconnect parents, caregivers and their kids

  • Through education and support in a safe, structured, supportive environment.   

  • By increasing families' ability to reconnect and sustain those strong connections during difficult time,

  • Kids develop into strong, resilient, independent adults.  

  • A therapeutic process designed to introduce, re-introduce or reinforce the bond between family members. 

  • Strengthening existing familial relationships or assisting in connections to promote and support the development of compassion and communication skills. 

Family Therapy

Family Sessions are scheduled on an ongoing basis. 

Each session or series of sessions is designed to individually address the goals and needs of the client(s) and their families.  Call or email us for more information or to schedule services. Visit our Services page for further details. 

Workshops and Orientations

Public and Private Family focused workshops are scheduled on an ongoing basis. 

Call or email us for more information or to schedule your group. 


Re-UNITED Retreats

Family and Parent Retreats are scheduled on an ongoing basis.  Retreats are overnight multiple day intensive programs that provide a safe supportive environment for combinations of family members to learn new skills, increase understanding for each other's needs, increase communication, connection and trust.   Days, times, and fees vary.

Call or email us for more information or to schedule a retreat especially for your group.

How and why it works ...


Meet Patty.  She is a single mother with four children.  Patty contacted us because her autistic 7 year old son was  terrorizing their household, each of her children has experienced traumatic experiences, and she was basically at the end of her rope.  Thanks to donors like yourself, we were able to offer her 7 year old an ongoing, full scholarship spot.  Because of the extreme dynamics, it was soon obvious that supporting her and her other kids was vitally important too.  So, we basically keep a slot open for them on Saturdays and whoever comes and needs the work that week participates. 

In 2019, we started offering our Conscious Parent Workshops and encouraged Patty to participate in one in the fall.  She asked if she could also bring her oldest daughter since she was burdened with a lot of the caregiving responsibilities in the home.  They were overwhelmed with what they learned and had this to say about the experience;

“I’m so happy I chose to drive an hour while not feeling the best and having completely lost my voice to come to this workshop. You were amazing, The horses were amazing and the experience was even more amazing! I have a better understanding of self awareness and how my body and energy works around horses and can apply that at home. I also discovered that I struggle with communicating my thoughts and had no idea.    I am now applying this at home with my 4 Kids to better myself and for my kids and working on it with them as well. After 4 years my 7 yr old child on the spectrum is now using his words to articulate his feelings because I am constantly practicing what I learned from this workshop.  

My 14 yr old daughter also enjoyed the time.  We learned together, that we struggle the most with communicating with each other and our perception on certain things aren’t always how they seem. We are working on this at home as well.  I would take this workshop over and over again if given the chance!!!!! Thank you!!!!!”

The week after the workshop they came to session and so much had changed that their son actually invited them to both be a part of the session with him!  Although they have a lot of challenges and a long way to go, strengthening Patty's ability to support the family is making all the difference!  And thanks to the support of donors like you, we are able to be an important part of helping ease their burden. 

Please consider DONATING to help support families like Patty’s.  Our RE-United Programs are perfect for families in crisis and in need of financial support. 

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