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H.O.P.E. (Healthy Outcomes from Powerful Experiences) Programs & Services


NW Hearts United services support...

· Learning self-regulation strategies.

· Developing positive ways of expressing needs.

· Learning to deal successfully with stressful situations.

· Trauma recovery.

· Exploring healthy inter-relational skills.

· Increasing compassion.

· Preventing substance use and other unhealthy coping skills.

· Providing a sense of purpose and hope.


Youth & Adolescents

Parents & Families

Community Group Experiences  
Special Projects



Professional Development



“EFMHL is amazing - working with the horses seems so simple from the outside yet the healing and growth of spirit that happens inside is profound!  Working with horses allows clients to address important clinical issues in an experiential way.  For some clients the equine work helps them work through issues that they are unable to face or even identify in a traditional office setting.   For others it is can be great way to enhance insight and achieve results when done in conjunction with traditional therapy.  As a therapist I believe 100% in equine work and feel fortunate to have it as part of my clinical toolbox.”    -Lori Hartelius, MS, LMHC, CMHS, MHP 30 years in private practice, Mental Health/Wellness Therapist, Tulalip Behavioral Health & Recovery, MSPI Project Coordinator;  Snohomish Children’s Wellness Coalition.  


The Details:

Where are we located?

NW Hearts United provides professional Equine Facilitated Mental Health & Learning services in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, and King Counties.  We collaborate with a network of approved off-site locations/herds and a team of EFMHL credentialed mental health professionals in the Upper Puget Sound region.   The locations and structure are chosen based on the convenience and goals of the clients or group.   

How to Register:

Individual and Group Sessions are scheduled on an ongoing basis.  Each session, series and program is designed to individually address the goals and needs of the client(s).  Call or email us for more information or to schedule your group.

Private team building and group workshops are also available.

The Costs: 

Cost for semi-private is $75 per session or $260 for a 4 session commitment.*

Cost for private is $160 per session or $500 for a 4 session commitment.*


*Payment Plans, Scholarships and sliding scale are available for all programs.  See Sliding Scale Rate Chart for details or Contact us for more information.

Our Services are Unique ... Why?  

  • Equine facilitated interventions are rapid transformation solutions and therefore, extremely cost effective, impactful and joyful for clients of all ages and backgrounds.  

  • Our methods utilize a sophisticated combination of approaches specifically structured to get directly to heart of the matter.

  • As a result, immediate shifts in awareness, perspective and behavior are created. 

  • Our services always include a trained mental health professional to help recognize, address and immediately integrate the growth and learning experience. 

Our Services Support:

PTS/ PTSD, Self Development,  Social Anxiety/Depression, Self Awareness, Self Regulation, LGBT Youth & Families,  Anxiety & Stress Management, Improving Social/Emotional Skills, Increasing Emotional Regulation and Resilience, and more…

Our Facilitation Team are highly experienced, certified and licensed mental health and equine professionals .

Meet our Team...

Our Locations are conveniently located in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and King Counties.  Services are arranged through our office and locations assigned based on the convenience and goals of the clients.

Our Whole Heart Locations...

Accepting Referrals From:

  • Health Care Professionals

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • School Counselors & School Principals

  • Human & Social Services & Self Referrals

  • Educators & Parents

  • Self


Making an Appointment

There are multiple ways that clients and groups can get scheduled for an equine experiential session.

  1. Referral from mental health professionals, health care professionals, school principals, school counselors.

  2. Referral from a social or mental health agency.

  3. Self referral.

  4. As part of an organized group workshop or training.


Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment:

Amy Schilder, Director  •  •  425-610-7432

Our Mission is to inspire relationships with horses and humans that heal, connect and empower.   NW Hearts United offers mindfulness based programs that make a difference for the humans and horses involved.  Join us today!

We would love to hear from you anytime!  

email us:

or call (425) 610-7432

Main Office: 

983 Kelly Rd.

Bellingham, WA 98226

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