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New for 2024!
Journey to Wellness Workshops & Retreats

Embody awareness and transformation through a profound relationship and adventures with NW Hearts United’s horses and wellness professionals.  Immersive experiences for profound self-discovery and growth.

When words escape us, horses still speak to our hearts...

Heart Speak Programs provide strength based prevention and intervention for all levels of mental health needs for individuals, groups, and families of all ages and income levels.

Individual Therapy & Wellness
Youth , Adolescents, & Adults

Parents & Families

Community Collaborative groups and Partnerships



Specialty Projects
Adult Wellness
Parent & Caregiver Support


Substance Use Prevention & Intervention

Social Emotional Learning

Our Services Support:

PTS/ PTSD, Self Development,  Social Anxiety/Depression, Self Awareness, Self Regulation, LGBT Youth & Families,  Anxiety & Stress Management, Improving Social/Emotional Skills, Increasing Emotional Regulation and Resilience, and more…

Our Facilitation Team are highly experienced, certified and licensed mental health and equine professionals .

Meet our Team...

Our Locations are conveniently located in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and King Counties.  Services are arranged through our office and locations assigned based on the convenience and goals of the clients.

Our Whole Heart Locations...


Making an Appointment

There are multiple ways that clients and groups can get scheduled for an equine experiential session.

  1. Referral from mental health professionals, health care professionals, school principals, school counselors.

  2. Referral from a social or mental health agency.

  3. Self referral.

  4. As part of an organized group workshop or training.


Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment:  •  425-610-7432

Our Mission is to inspire relationships with horses and humans that heal, connect and empower.   NW Hearts United offers strength-based programs that make a difference for the humans and horses involved.  Join us today!

We would love to hear from you anytime!  

email us:

or call (425) 610-7432

Main Office: 

PO Box 56

Deming, WA 98244

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